To join the Character Project blog as a regular contributor, follow these instructions:

  1. Create a WordPress account. (You do not need to create a blog, just a WordPress user name.)
  2. Send me your WordPress username. I’ll add you to the project! You will get an email inviting you to join.

  3. Check out the editorial calendar for the Character Prompts for the weeks to come.
  4. You can add your story at any time after the start date of a prompt. (There is no end-date because I figure any time is a great time to be creative.
  5. For your stories, please make sure that you add the name of character as a Category.

You can also send a writing prompt for a future Character Project story the the Contact page. All of our writers will create a short story based on your prompt.

I hope you’ll join us!

11 Responses to “participate”

  1. gypsealady at 2:00 am #

    I would love to join

    • ingridfnl at 9:53 am #

      Hi Gypsea,
      I’ve added you as a contributor to the project. I’m looking forward to reading your stories. 🙂

  2. slingshotmama at 3:27 am #

    just sent you an email! was already excited when i found this project (from someone on thing-a-day) and after reading some of these stories, i cannot wait to participate this week.

    • ingridfnl at 9:27 am #

      I’m looking forward to you joining us. 🙂 I’ve sent you an email with a little more information.

  3. JM Forceton at 5:46 pm #

    I’d like to join your group.

    • ingridfnl at 12:44 am #

      Hi JM,
      I’ve added you to the group. Please let me know if you have any problems signing in or adding your stories and I’ll try to help!

  4. pyritefortune at 7:29 pm #

    I would love to join. I’ve already got Marsha ready to go…

  5. dappernapper at 1:31 am #

    I would like to participate as well. Let me know, thanks.

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