charactersI have always loved the idea that our own context and experience shape our interpretation of anyone we might meet — that the same person is so differently interpreted as a friend, lover, employee, boss, parent or person on the sidewalk. And that all of these interpretations are essentially true since they are true to our own experience.

This is about writing short pieces of fiction based on a brief description of a character, which I will supply as an editorial calendar.

These pieces can be short or long (up to 500 words max — but we’re forgiving if the spirit moves you to write more — or if you only want to write three words e.g. “Jim hated cheese”), can take any form and can be written using any voice.

Over the weeks that follow you can publish your piece at any time.

I fully understand that not everyone will be able to post for every prompt, but I really encourage you to do so simply for the sense of accomplishment. 🙂

Just to clarify, our characters and our pieces are not linked to one another’s pieces (although they can be). The only thing in common is the name of the character. I love the way that each of our experiences and prejudices, passions and personalities would shape each character differently.

The purpose of this project is to motivate, to create some sort of structure for the act of writing fiction and to provide some community encouragement. This would not be the venue for criticism but simply for practice and growth.

To spark something. To try something. To create something. To observe. To write. To tell each other stories.

If you’d like to join us, please contact me.

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