Something to Be Happy About

26 Jan

famous love sculpture in NYC photo by jeanosullivan c.2007“doodley-dink!”

 > Monica!  help!

> yes

 > This window pops up and it’s red and then the arrow goes– downloading– WTF!!!

> what are you trying to download?

> nothing!!! I was just working and.  It just pooped up!

>> i mean popped up.

> hit the x out

> I tried!

> alt curl delete or shift command escape then quick

>> i mean alt CONTROL delete

> come see! aaaah- it keeps going!

> I’m on the bus home…

> shit i’m still here okay i did what you said its shitting dawn.

>> Where are you? Hey have dinner with me!

> ???

> dinner maybe in like qn hour?

> ??? is shitting dawn? what is that?~

> autocorrect damn! shutting down. I shut it down. New subject  I want to have dinner, with you, tonight.

> well, I  [delete delete delete delete delete delete] > Maybe another ti [delete delete deleeeeeete]  > I already ate [deleeeeeeeeete]  > I’m on the bus.

> I was hoping last minute would catch you off guard. 

> well, I’m more than half way home, but thank you for asking, Bill. I can run a scan this w/e and make sure you didn’t get a virus. Gotta go.

> Monica! have dinner with me, please!  cmon it’s friday. It’ll be fun XD

>> I want to take you to dinner.

>>> yes i am asking you out on a date.

> I have to get up early to [delete deleeeeeet]  > I really need to go home fir [delete delete deleeeeeet]




> Monica?  Please say yes this time. it’s ok and who knows, maybe happiness. Maybe lifelong happiness who nose.

>> who KNOWS!  –but we could start with soup, lol

>>> : P

> ok. can you come out here?

> Yes! Get off at Stanley and Bronco.  There’s a restaurant, Thai Faboso.  I’ll meet you 6:30.

> Okay

> Okay!  I’m happy!  It restarted- seems fine now.

> Oh. well okay.

>> So see you Monday then.

> No! Tonight! I said I’m happy cuz you finally said YES!

> That’s good

>>> that your computer’s okay i mean.

> oh yeah that. What’s good is I’m happy about YOU!

>  🙂

Through the window of the bus, Monica watched the people hurrying against a slight chill in the air, warm lights coming on in storefronts and restaurants.  She felt herself smile a little, listening to her thoughts: “What’s good is I’m happy, about you.”

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