Because I Am the Best

6 Nov

If I could perform in finals slightly better than Regina

I’d easily surpass by far that stupid girl Christina,

(Any challenge would be trifle from Chris, Lester or Athena.)

And when the test scores were announced the cries would echo through the dorms,

“In Neurology 440 one new student surpassed all norms!”

And I would stand with arms akimbo in the hallway like a hero,

The proud freshman with the highest grade– the farthest one from zero!

And all the other classmates whose points fell somewhere betweena’

Would talk into the night about the Legend of Paulina!

.      .      .

How did she do it? They would ask, she’s so young and seems so free!

She’s so beautiful, obviously not as predictable she appears to be!

She is some new kind of perfection, superlative, indubitably!

O I can just imagine how my world will become ideal;

(O I may ever again be made to pay for my own meal.)

Celebrity in my first year, because I’m just so smart,

And within no time I’ll be pursued, but what man shall win my heart?

I’ll have my choice, I’ll have my way, so easy, I can see,

A genius, yes, but my greatest gift is my humility!


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