A quantum of solace

16 Sep

Think steady, stick to the rhythm, one-and-two, one-and-two. The assault rifle slips slightly on its shoulder strap, and I try to shrug it back closer to my centre of gravity, without losing my grip on the bar above my head. I fix my eyes firmly on the chimney, and try not to visualise the limp, futile crash mats four stories below my dangling boots. Just a few more feet to go, and I can swing up onto the relative safety of the roofline. Crouch, run, straighten up, and edge round the ledge on the chimney. As I slide down the gable end, she sees me, and her hand flies to her mouth, wide-eyed in shock.

My eyes measure the gap, and I rock back on one heel, tensing for the jump. “It’s too far”, she whimpers, horrified. “You’ll fall!”. Her saucer eyes locked on mine, beseeching, her arms reaching out. I’m glad, now, that I declined the wire, despite the drop. A breath, held, and then a hefty push and I’m airborne. I grab my pistol from it’s holster and hold it high, pointed skyward, as I arc out across the gap, landing into a studied crouch on the rail of the balcony. A moment, poised, and then a short drop down to her waiting at my feet. I fold her fluidly into my arms, drinking in the scent of crushed lilies as I bend in towards her.

“Cut”. She stiffens, and pulls sharply away, wrinkling her nose at the perspiration moistening my collar. “And swap. Change angles ready to roll on the closeup”. He elbows past me, chin held high, and I catch a whiff of freshly-doused Italian aftershave. He steps up onto the provided box, to match our heights, and clasps her face with his pale, manicured fingers. “Oh James” she sighs “You came to rescue me”, and she pouts her soft scarlet lips up to meet his.


One Response to “A quantum of solace”

  1. ingridf October 2, 2012 at 8:50 pm #

    Ha! Unexpected and marvelous.

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