the eyes have it by jmforceton

20 Feb

“Billy is such an active little guy. The imagination he has. He can find more places to hide, I don’t know how you keep up with him.”

AV, Sharon’s friend since she was eight in Montana, twenty years ago, is sitting in the rolling recliner at the end of Sharon’s hospital bed. They are talking about Sharon’s two-year-old son Billy, who is living with AV and her husband while Sharon is being treated.

“Like I‘ve been telling you, I always keep one eye on him. No pun intended.”

“Sharon, that’s awful.” They both grin weakly.

After a pause AV says. “So what’s the verdict?”

The muscles in Sharon’s face tighten and she looks out the window, “If they don’t get all the shrapnel out this time, I’ll probably lose sight in my left eye, permanently… Then I’d be blind.”

“When are they going to do the operation?”

“Three days…” tears now, “I knew when I blacked out it was part of the same problem. Losing one eye terrified me, but both.”

AV stands up, steps to Sharon, and takes her hand in both of hers. “I have something to tell you. It could be very important. Should I tell you now or maybe tomorrow? You might be less tired.”

“I’m OK. If it’s important, tell me now.”

AV steps to the window, “Well a few years ago I was with Anton and we met someone. It was about the time Anton and I first met in Vegas. I think you might have heard of him, Tom Watson, the guy who runs the robotics company.”

Cocking her head, “Yeah, I have, and?”

“Well, he and Anton get together every now and then, and yesterday they had lunch in New York City; Anton mentioned your situation to him… He wants to send one of his people to talk to you. It’s about artificial eyes. They’ve been working with the military on this since 2059. He thinks, since you’re an ex-marine, you would qualify for the beta program… He said there’s some risk.”

“What does Anton think about it?”

“He’s excited about it. He thinks it could rock your world…” She softly bit her lower lip, “There’s more to it than just restoring normal 20/20 vision.”

“Huh, that’s the most interesting thing I’ve heard for a while.”

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One Response to “the eyes have it by jmforceton”

  1. ingridfnl February 20, 2011 at 9:04 pm #

    I really like this. I like the realism of the situation mixed the futuristic technology. Great.

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