yes by jmforceton

13 Feb

Franky speaking.

Hi Franky, this is Fran. I’m calling from  Consumer Satistrope America. Is this Frank Derek?

Yes, it is. Score one for you, and by the way I like your telephone voice. This is very good timing for the call. I’ll bet that surprises you?

Well… actually…Yes, I’m very happy to hear that. Frank, I have your cell phone contract in front of me. You remember you recently upgraded with us.

Yes, I did. Score two for you Fran. You been doing this long?

Yes, I have. Well the reason I called is that the company is making some changes and I have a couple of ways to amend your contract to save you $40 to $60 per week. Would $60 interest you?

Well done, smooth presentation. Yes, of course. Now can I ask you a question?

Yes, what would you like to know?

Would it help you at all if I agreed to your offer, and beyond that, helped you double your weekly earnings?

Yes, that would be not only good but amazing.

Fran, here’s the deal. I’m familiar with your company. I’m a recruiter for Transglobal. Our company pays on average 50% higher total compensation than you are getting now, no evening or weekend calling parties, full tuition reimbursement after 60 days, private offices, twenty minute breaks every hour, and no need for relocation. Are you still there?

Yes, but..

Wait, listen a second. I’ve been doing this a long time. My recommendations are taken 99% of the time and you just passed the interview in style. I want you to call this number later today, and I know you can’t say anything much on this recorded line. Here’s the number, I’ll repeat it twice, 897-877-8777, that’s 897-877-8777. Did you understand all that?

Yes, but..

Ok, say nothing more. Send the cell contract to me and I’ll sign of on it as soon as I get it. Is that OK?

Yes, and…

Fran, I’ve got another call coming in. Call, I look forward to talking to you.


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