is that you? by ingridfnl

13 Feb


“Hi, this is Fran calling from Marlow’s Carpet Cleaning, where we get it squeaky clean. May please speak to… Mr…. God. Um, do we have that name right? Perhaps there’s a misspelling in our database.”

“No, you got that right. That’s me.”

“Um, yes, well…”

“You have a special available for just two weeks, I understand.”

“Um yes, we …”

“That’s great. I know this sale will really help you to pay off that credit card debt.”

“Um, but I…”

“So I’ll tell you what. I have an extensive white carpet that needs cleaning. Get’s a lot of traffic. But here’s the thing, Fran, may I call you Fran?”

“Yes… Yes I suppose you can, Mr… God.”

“Yeah well, lately, our back hallway has been getting a lot of traffic. We seem to have a lot of… well, tar stains and even regular vacuuming isn’t doing a thing. Do you have something for that?”

“Yeees… Well. We do have a special intensive clean. Um, it comes with a guarantee… And the technicians that apply the… special stain remover go on a course ‘specially.”

“A special course you say…”

“Um. Yes… After our cleaners have taken the course they get a special status as, well it sounds a little silly now that think about it… They get called “Super Sudsers.””

“Ha! That’s great. Ha! I should rename some of my employees. Give ’em catchy titles. It might help. They’re all kinda tired out. I’m considering a reorg. Not quite sure yet though. It’s tough.”

“Yes. Um. Well. Mr… Mr God, um. Well when would you like the cleaners to arrive for your… white carpet and … um… special stains.”

“Well Fran, you’ll be sending the Special Sudsers as well? Ha! I really get a kick outta that one Fran. Gotta tell your boss Bill. Like it. It’s creative. I could use a man like him up here.”

“OK. Well then, um. To what address should I send the crew…”

“Don’t worry about, they’re already on their way… Have a great day Franny. You’ll be hearing from me again soon.”

“Wait! … Hello? Helllooo?”


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