hide and seek by pyritefortune

6 Feb

Their favourite game is hide and seek. It’s mine too, but they’re better at it than me. Aliens are small and bendy, and can squeeze into little places that I can’t fit, because I’m tall for my age. I know that, because my dad told me. He said I was his big boy now. Yesterday they hid and it took me hours and hours and hours to find them. I took all the cushions off the sofa, and and emptied out the laundry basket to check they weren’t sitting at the bottom, and took all the big boxes out of the cupboard under the stairs to see if they were hiding behind them, but they weren’t there. I thought they might be in one of the jigsaw boxes in the games cupboard so I opened them all up to check, but they weren’t in any of those either. They weren’t behind the books in the bookcase, or in the rubbish bin in the kitchen, or under the towels in the airing cupboard. They weren’t under Johnny’s bed either, although I did find some magazines with funny pictures of ladies with no clothes on. I eventually found them all curled up right at the bottom of Mrs Whitlow’s sock drawer, they all fell out giggling onto a pile of socks when I emptied it, and they looked so funny I couldn’t help giggling too.

Mrs Whitlow heard me giggling, and came out of the utility room to see what I was up to. I think she was cross with us, she doesn’t like us playing hide and seek. I could hear her being shouty in the lounge, so we decided we should probably all hide for a bit. Mrs Whitlow doesn’t seem to understand the rules; she thinks if she comes and stands in the room and shouts then that’s good enough and we should come out, but that isn’t how it works. Eventually she remembers how to play and comes looking for me, but she keeps shouting so sometimes I can hear her coming and creep away. She usually finds me in the end, but she never catches them, they’re too cunning for someone like Mrs Whitlow and they use their special powers to escape.

When I’m by myself I get scared of Mrs Whitlow shouting, but when they’re curled up hiding with me it’s ok. It’s a bit like when me and my dad used to play hiding from the bad men, and we’d curl up in the coat cupboard in the hall. The bad men used to bang on the door and shout through the letterbox, and he would roll me up in his lap and hug me and it was all safe and snug. The bad men couldn’t get me when my dad was there. But now he’s not here, and I have to live with Mrs Whitlow. She told me he had gone away on holiday, but I don’t believe her. I know she’s lying, because I heard her telling the milkman. She was being angry and grumpy like usual, but then she went all whispery so I knew it was something I shouldn’t hear. I was hiding under the coats on the pegs, with my feet in Johnny’s big tall boots in the shoe rack underneath so she couldn’t see them sticking out the bottom. And I heard her, she said “William’s father, he’s inside you see”. And she looked over her shoulder to check I wasn’t listening, but she didn’t see me because I’m too good at hiding.

So now I know her secret. All this time I was hoping he would send me a postcard, or come back and fetch me so I could go on holiday too. But no, it turns out he’s been here in the house all along. I know where he is, too. My dad is very big, so he couldn’t hide in most of the places I can fit in, and I’ve looked in all of them anyway. But Mrs Whitlow has a big brown cupboard in her bedroom, with a shiny brass lock, and I’m not allowed to go near it. She calls it her China cabinet, which is maybe why she told me my dad was on holiday when she locked him in it. When I first came to live with her, she told me it was the one place in the house I really mustn’t go; although she keeps adding more and more places to the list every time we play hide and seek.

It must be very dark and scary in there all by himself, but he knows I will find him and rescue him, because I always do. This morning we all hid in the little hole under the worktop next to the washing machine, and worked out A Plan. The aliens showed me where Mrs Whitlow keeps her tool box, hidden in a green bag in the cupboard under the stairs. We borrowed a big hammer, and hid it at the bottom of the fancy dress box so she doesn’t know we’ve got it. All I need to do now is wait until she has her morning bath. Then we can creep into her room and rescue my dad from the China cabinet, and he will give me a big hug and I can show him my new friends and we can all go home.


2 Responses to “hide and seek by pyritefortune”

  1. ingridfnl February 13, 2011 at 8:10 pm #

    oh sweet boy… this read beautifully. his fantasy world as his reality is really vivid.

    • pyritefortune February 13, 2011 at 10:15 pm #

      I have to say I felt a little sorry for poor Mrs Whitlow too though, with a boy-whirlwind tearing her house apart and then disappearing into thin air!

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