blue monkeys by jmforceton

6 Feb

Five-year-old Billy and his friends, Lobot and Chewbee, were crawling through a vast dark cave filled with spiders and hopping furry creatures with pointed teeth.

Billy was the brave one, the leader. Behind him was Lobot; he was purple, smart, and he knew about computers. Following him was Chewbee, furry and green, shy, big, and stronger than a German Sheppard. Billy knew all of this was true because his wizard had told him so one night before he went to sleep.

Billy wore the old headphones that he had found in the dungeon underneath his castle. His friend’s wore headphones too, but they were much smaller. The headphones let him talk with his team by whispering to them no matter where they were. The old fur hat with earflaps that he wore made him feel more like his furry friend, Chewbee.

Some sunlight was coming through long slits in the ceiling of the cave. That was good because all three were being very careful where they put their hands because of the wiggling poisonous worms and jumping hungry crickets. Every few feet Billy stopped long enough to brush friendly ants off of his pants.

He and his friends had to stay hidden from the eight-foot-tall blue monkeys who were always looking for them. Billy couldn’t see any now, but he could hear them outside the cave. They flew on dragons, so the cave was safer than being in the sunlight. Billy told his friends that he thought the birds talked to the monkeys while Tinkerbelle, butterflies, and the bees helped the little people like Billy whenever they could. He thought for a second then warned his friends not to make the bees angry, like he did last summer.

As Billy crept past the hole in the ground, in the middle of the cave floor, he thought about Alice and the Jabby thing. He got just close enough to look down the hole, like he always did.

He finally reached the far end of the cave where it opened to the enchanted emerald garden. On the other side of the garden was the no-no land of his friend the fairy princess. Peaking through the bush of stinging red flowers he waved for Lobot and Chewbee to come closer. They all watched as flames and smoke rose up from the caldron where the bare-chested, fat, hairy Grinch cooked raw meat; more smoke came from his nose and mouth.

The small festival was supposed to celebrate the imprisoned princess’ birthday. She was five now, like Billy. Billy had been invited, but he knew it was a trap. The princess and the other little people were in a cage filled with water, open to the sky. They were all screaming, splashing to keep away from the invisible sea snake in the water.

He remembered a time a few days ago, when he heard the princess cry. She never cried when he was there, and he told his friends that.

Just then the ceiling of the cave shook as Billy’s beautiful good-witch-mother walked to the edge of the cliff, and shouted, “Billy, if you don’t come out from under the deck and put your bathing suit on now, Jillian’s birthday cake will be gone before we get there”.

He was the brave one. He put his pointer finger to his mouth and told his friends to go back to their starship until he called them. He would have to go alone. He left the headphones and hat in the cave. He hoped the cake would make him powerful.

Billy quickly left the cave. One thing he was sure of was that he really liked chocolate cake. He was smiling as he ran into the house.


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