original obsession by jmforceton

30 Jan

Original Obsession

Las Vegas, Nevada – 2056

“Hi, I’m doing some research. Would you be able to help me?”

“Yes, what’s your topic and what materials did you have in mind?”

“I’m developing the concept of candy for bots.”

She squinted and then smiled at him, thinking, “Well that is the most unusual thing anyone’s said to me recently”. She had been watching him since he had first come through the door of the library. He was tall, wearing a white button down shirt with rolled up sleeves and jeans, and he looked rugged. He had walked with purpose in her direction. Beyond that, following him, was the most sophisticated looking, likely very expensive, translucent, personal assistant bot she had ever seen.  She lightly bit the inside of her lower lip.

“Can you tell me where I would find the achieves on Damascus confections? It’s for my doctoral thesis in consumer marketing and I understand there are manuscripts here that have never been scanned.”

AV had very quick eye contact with him as he spoke. Then he looked away and then back at her, and this time they both held eye contact. She felt momentarily paralyzed but recovered saying, “Yes, those stacks are on the fourth level in the basement, third rack on the wall to the left off the elevator. I think the left side of the third shelf. I’ll take you down.”

His head tilted slightly and he showed a quick tight smile, “Wow, impressive, how did you know that?”

“Well, I have a pretty good memory, library science and linguistics majors,” she shrugged. She knew that he had looked at the nametag on her sweatshirt, just a bit longer than necessary.

“I’ll say. AV, can I ask what that stands for?”

“Angelina Valeria. And you are?”

“Angelina, Angelina. Oh, sorry, Anton, Anton Throckmorton. Angelina Valeria, such a pleasure to meet you.”

*    *    *    *

Weeks later Angelina, not AV, and Anton were driving north on Paradise Road on their way from the UNLV campus to the Las Vegas Convention Center. Her head was on his shoulder and she no longer had plain long straight black hair tied in a ponytail, but instead, had flowing blond hair with amber highlights reminiscent of a young Cameron Diaz. As it happens, she had met Diaz at a party Anton had taken her to. At 84, Diaz was still an active and popular celebrity in Vegas.

She was accompanying Anton to a reception and presentation by Thomas Alva Watson, founder of the world’s largest robotics company.  He was intent on meeting Watson and had asked if she would spend the evening with him. Last week had been her birthday and Anton had bought her an eveningwear ensemble beyond anything she or her friends could afford, and that was what she wore.

It was a revelation to her how much more interesting her life had become since meeting Anton. They were inseparable. She had known from the beginning that Anton was obsessed with her; she had become the center of his life. She found that she liked that very much, though she often bit the inside of her lower lip as she thought about those first weeks.

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