unplugged by ingridfnl

23 Jan

Peter stood beside the pool, agape, as he watched his wife throw his cell phone and laptop into the deep end.

“Enough,” she said. “You can unplug for just one week.”

“Valerie,” he gasped.

This,” she said, opening her arms wide to the landscape around her, “is vacation.”

Still speechless, Peter dove into the pool with his loafers on, re-emerging with a dripping equipment. He placed them carefully on the side of the pool. Away from where Valerie was standing. He didn’t trust her any more.

“I don’t get you,” Valerie said. “Why rent a villa in Tuscany if you’re going to spend the entire time away from it. Totally detached. Help me understand why you go through the charade of vacation at all… if you aren’t going to be here, with me.” She was shaking. All of the things that she had left unspoken for months. Simple sentences. Expressed.

Peter hoisted himself onto the edge of the pool and cradled his phone and his dripping computer. He didn’t hear her. He was somewhere else, still. Again.


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