joy by ingridfnl

16 Jan

Janet approached Philip, who stood staring at the titles of books in the Sex and Erotica section.

“Philip,” she said, her voice tight, “Can I help you?”

Philip, startled, took two steps back towards Anthropology and Archaeology.

“No!” he almost yelled. “No!”

“Well, if you’re quite sure,” Janet replied.

“I don’t need help!” he replied, stepping yet further backwards, almost tripping on a stack of books waiting to be shelved in the Classic Cars section.

Janet could clearly see the outline of the book clutched under his jacket. She had always backed away from these confrontations… these stolen books. Ever since someone had said, “Well they’re used books. I mean, they’ve already been paid for once…” Janet had let the occasional petty theft go by. But Philip? And that book.

Janet took a step towards him, and held out her hand expectantly.

Philips face turned a shade fire engine red and sweat popped onto his forehead. He tripped backwards over the pile and fell sprawled in the aisle.  Janet shook her head, and turned away from him, “Really, Philip. It’s a 1972 edition, original and signed  by Alex Comfort himself. How could you?” She took a few more steps towards him. “You don’t have to take it,” she said, “you can have it if you want it so badly,” and then she winked and walked away.

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