margaret and the magician by ingridfnl

12 Dec

(Originating stories for these characters: taken aback and call)

So Fredrick moved in with his daughter Zita. His cruise ship days were over and she offered him, at least temporarily, a place to stay.

“Hello Zita.”

“Dad,” she had answered, more softly than their last failed phone call.

“I want to make things right.”

“You can’t undo what’s been done,” she had replied. But from there, after daily phone calls for almost a month, he had prevailed. He wasn’t even sure if his motivations were the right ones. Truth be told he had hardly thought of her in the glory days of his career. He’d been too busy flirting with showgirls, pulling flowers out of their hair. It was only now, that he had no place to call come that he felt compelled to call her. Regardless of his deeper motivations, he was determined to make a relationship with her, to meet his grandson and to have at least some sort of family.

He arrived at her door, his sea chest still on the sidewalk where the cabby left it. He rang the bell and waited. The door opened and for a second he wondered if he had missed so many years that he could not recognize his own daughter.

The young woman who stood there, with a two year old on her hip, lifted and hand and said, “So you’re the father, are you? I’m Margaret, the nanny. You certainly have a lot to make up for.” She held open the door, “Come on. Come in. I’ll get you some coffee.”

Fredrick gestured to the sidewalk, “My case. I shouldn’t leave it…”

“Ah,” she said, “I expect that’s where your magic lies. Let me put Melvin in his crib and I’ll give you hand.”

Together, they carried the large case into the living room. Margaret retrieved Melvin and held him out to Fredrick, “Let’s see what you’re worth. Melvin is your grandson.”


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