hank hunched by ingridfnl

7 Nov

Hank arrived at emergency almost doubled over. He’d put out his back and he felt more useless than a parka in the Sahara. At least that was what he’d told the nurse. They’d placed him, belly down, on an examination table where he reiterated.

“I feel more useless than a parka in the Sahara,” he’d said, and continued, “A kangaroo on a bus! A singer with laryngitis! A pair of high heels on mule… A…”

“Does this hurt?” she asked, prodding the middle of his back.

“Erf,” Hank replied as he shuddered from the pain. “That’s what I ben’ telling you. You think I’m moaning in pain for fun? I want to see a doctor. A real professional. A head honcho. A king o’ the medicine castle… ”

“Alright, alright,” she replied, “You just lie there. I’ll be back in a few minutes.”

Hank lay on his stomach on the examination table, looking at the badly tiled floor. He would have done a better job. He would have made sure those tiles were lined up totally accurately. He’d have used a level. None of this willy nilly tile placement.

As Hank lay he saw the door of the examination door open and close briefly.

“Hey! Hey! What’s going on? Expect a man to just lay here?” he bellowed. Hank tried to roll himself over to get up but it was just too painful and he collapsed back on his stomach.

“Hey!” he yelled again.

The door opened and he saw two sets of shoes enter. He heard the nurse that had been in earlier, “He’s a real pain in the… He’s got a real pain in his back.”

The doctor laughed in reply then leaned over to look Hank in the eye, “Hello, Mr. Hawkins. What seems to be the problem today?”

“It’s my back! What’d they teach you in medical school? It’s my back! God in Heaven,” and with that Hank swung his weight around onto his back with a mighty moan.

The nurse rushed to his side asking “Mr. Hawkins! Careful!”

He looked up at her and saw someone he knew 35 years ago. “Maria?” he asked incredulously.


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