gigglink on job by ingridfnl

3 Oct

The day after meeting Iain’s mom, Marcy couldn’t stop herself from giggling. She giggled in ER. She giggled when the a patient coughed up phlegm. She giggled when a small boy kicked one of the other nurses.

She just couldn’t help herself. She and Mary, well they’d gotten on like a house on fire. After Iain left, Marcy had managed to maintain the pseudo-Polish accent for a little while.

They entered Iain’s apartment and she said to Iain’s mother, “You sit hard workink mama. I make you some strong tea. Put hair on chest.”

“Oh thank you dear. None of Iain’s other cleaners ever made me tea before, I must say.” Mary then busied herself emptying out her bags of “goodies for Iain” and Marcy set up the kettle.

“He is nice boy, your son,” said Marcy.

“Yes yes, but he never seems to settle down. You know, when he was a boy, we worried about this. He was forever taking off his clothes in front of company. Obsessed with nudity,” Mary said, filling the cupboards with cans and boxes of cookies.

Marcy stifled a laugh and busied herself at the counter.

“He does this still,” Marcy mischievously asked Mary. “The stripping? In my country people would say, ‘He is strange one that boy.'”

Iain’s mother laughed. “Well, yes, they still do. After all have you ever seen a grown man spend quite so much time on his hair? It’s quite unbelievable. I keep telling him, you put that much product in your hair you will be prematurely bald. Premature, I tell you. But he doesn’t listen to me. No, I’m just a nuisance I think. I think he needs a good woman. One who cleans and makes tea…” Mary paused, “You know dear, there is on thing in particular I think that the right girl for Iain really needs.”

“What is that,” asked Marcy, “good vacuum cleaner? To pick up hairs on floor in bathroom?”

“No,” answered Iain’s mother, “a sense of humor and a great fake polish accent.”

Then the two of them drank some hot cups of tea and planned Iain’s week.

(Continued from Cleaning Lady)


One Response to “gigglink on job by ingridfnl”

  1. juleshg October 9, 2010 at 4:41 pm #

    glad to see that Iain’s mom has a sense of humour too.

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