the heir apparent by juleshg

26 Sep

“Have your earrings back.  Will bring them tmrw.  Flght lands @ 3”

June read the text quickly and smiled before slipping her phone back into her handbag.  Usually she ignored incoming messages when she was on a lunch date – after all the chime of a cell phone did not give one the permission to dispense with good manners – but she had been rather anxious to hear from Iain.

“Good news?” Marcy asked from across the table.

“Sorry, dear.  It was a message from my son Iain.  He had to fly to Chicago on short notice.  He wanted to let me know he would be home tomorrow.”  June smiled and nodded at her purse which lay on the table.  “I must admit that I never believed I would use text messaging.  But, Ian insisted on showing me how it worked and it has proved to be quite convenient.”

“I am very impressed.  My mother doesn’t even have a cell phone,” Marcy said closing her menu and looking up at June.  “It sounds like you and Iain have a wonderful relationship.  Have you always been close?”

“Iain’s father died when he was quite young so for a few years it was just him and me.  When he was a teenager I re-married and he pulled back a bit but we have always stayed in touch.”  June made it a habit to be vague about her background when she was with new people. It was hard to explain to explain four marriages in twenty-five years without sounding like gold-digger.   To some, she was a widow and a divorcee several times over but in her own mind June was a business woman: pure and simple.

She looked at Marcy and saw herself twenty years ago.  Marcy had sought her out at a yoga class a few months back and the two women became fast friends.  On several occasions, June would return from a lunch date and tell her husband Stanley how Marcy would be the perfect match for Iain.  At the time her son was living with Emma Stone but June knew that relationship would never last.  She may be the granddaughter of the successful Marcus Stone, her son’s mentor, but Emma was not cut out to be Iain’s wife.

Emma was a weak, timid, little woman who carried around that small, ugly dog as a security blanket.  Not willing to waste time waiting for Iain to see sense on his own, June set up a dinner party with both Iain and Marcy one weekend when Emma was out-of-town.  She had invited two other couples so her intentions were not painfully obvious but she had no doubt that both Marcy and Iain knew what she was up to.

The dinner had not turned out the way June had expected.  Iain was reserved and sullen.  Apparently Marcy worked as an administrative assistant in Iain’s office and her son was convinced that Marcy’s newfound relationship with June was no co-incidence.  “She is using you to get to me mother.  I think she sees me as her ticket out of the secretarial pool.”

Iain had demanded that his mother cut off ties with Marcy but June only smiled and changed the subject.  If this were true, if Marcy had orchestrated the entire relationship with June to get to her son, then perhaps the younger woman was more like June than she had previously thought: a kindred spirit.  Emma Stone did not have the wherewithal to get things done.   Clearly a woman like Marcy had some potential.

June smiled and looked up at Marcy imagining her wearing the pearl earrings she had sent Iain to retrieve.

2 Responses to “the heir apparent by juleshg”

  1. ingridfnl September 27, 2010 at 4:21 pm #

    love love love how this story is developing. The last line is especially lovely.

  2. phoenix.writing October 3, 2010 at 3:02 pm #

    Looking forward to more; want to see what happens with Iain and his mother and the earrings. I can’t imagine Iain and Marcy being stuck together even if I don’t think much of Iain after how he treated Emma…. Looking forward to Marcy’s POV on all this assuming that’s what’s coming up. 🙂

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