cleaning lady by ingridfnl

26 Sep

Iain called his mother for the third time that day. After five rings he impatiently snapped his cell phone off.

Iain was panicking. By accident, his mother had met Marcy as they were leaving Iain’s place one morning.

“Yoohooo!” his mother had yelled. She approached them carrying two large bags of groceries. “Hello sweetie!”

Marcy stood like a dear in headlights. She’d wanted to take things slow. Meeting his mother was not in the cards.

“Mom,” Iain walked briskly toward his mother wanting to intercept. “Mom, it’s good to see you, I wasn’t expecting you. I’m just on my way out.” Iain attempted to turn his mother around back to her car and away from Marcy but she was too slippery for him. As she deaked out from under his guiding arm she walked briskly towards Marcy extending a hand from around the grocery bag.

“Heellloo! My name’s June, and you are?”

“I’m Marcy, I’m…,” Marcy stuttered.

“My cleaning lady,” interrupted Iain.

Marcy was in her nursing uniform so this was somewhat plausible. Iain thought he was doing what Marcy wanted, diverting the inevitable “meeting the mother” moment. But this seemed, now, to not be the case.

“Oh! Oh how nice! You are a very beautiful cleaning lady, I must say,” said his mother. “I may have some work for you. Let’s let Iain to to whatever is so important, and we can have a nice chat.”

Marcy sent Iain a passing glare and then, taking the groceries out of Mary’s arms said in a sudden Polish-sounding accent, “We go to Mr. Iain’s apartment, yes? We have some coffee. You tell me about your busy son.”

“Marcy, you don’t have to…” said Iain.

“Is no problem. You go,” and Marcy waved at him while winking.

Now, three hours later, Iain could not reach his mother or Marcy. No doubt his mother was scheming a setup with his supposed cleaning lady. And Marcy, she was going to sap this for everything it was worth.

He sighed and attempted to call Marcy yet again.


2 Responses to “cleaning lady by ingridfnl”

  1. phoenix.writing October 3, 2010 at 3:03 pm #

    LOL I think Iain’s going to be in the doghouse on this one for a while. The sudden Polish-sounding accent was especially funny, and I love the possible cabal that has suddenly developed. 🙂


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