Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained by phoenix.writing

19 Sep

Iain was annoyed.  Whoever’d said “Nothing ventured, nothing gained” was an idiot.  No, wait, he knew who’d said it.

This was all his mother’s fault.

He’d spent his formative years listening to how risks needed to be taken to get what you wanted, how he was a clever and handsome, how lover conquered all, and—

Okay, so he wasn’t actually sure that he was in love, and he knew what his mother would probably say, but how the hell was he supposed to tell if it was love or not unless he had the chance to actually get involved?

Emma had been very good at ignoring his behaviour in the office, and he had waffled between thinking that she was uninterested and that she truly had no notion of his being interested.  He did have a tendency to flirt on automatic.

The cabin had seemed like the perfect solution. It had been something she wanted, and that hadn’t been easy to find; she already had a family, had a son and a dog she adored. She already had a career and she really knew her stuff.

That was how this had all started. Iain had been in awe of her knowledge, had appreciated all her help … and had finally noticed that he gravitated into her company whenever possible. It was hard to miss that she was gorgeous and everything he wanted in a partner, and who the hell cared if she was a bit older than he was?

The only thing that really mattered was that the people involved in a relationship cared about one another.

Iain had been quite sure that he had that one down, and the cabin had seemed the best way to discover how Emma felt.

It hadn’t exactly started off auspiciously. Well, that wasn’t really fair; she had been happy, and that was all that really mattered, but she had laughed off his suggestion of staying without even thinking about it.

He had left her there for her two weeks, therefore, knowing that she had more than earned them, knowing that it was a minor miracle that she had let him talk her into it, that she had really unplugged from work that completely.

But he had gone back with a plan, that refrain playing in the back of his head. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Away from the office had seemed like the perfect solution, and the alcohol, well….  He could hardly claim that the alcohol was innocent because it really wasn’t. He’d brought it absolutely with the intention of getting Emma to lower her guard a little.

Seeing her in a bathing suit dripping wet had only ensured that he didn’t feel at all guilty about what he was doing. He’d been perfectly willing to ensure that he was in the same sort of state and thus equally vulnerable.

He still couldn’t actually work out which one of them had moved first; he had wanted to wait for her, but he’d been horny by then, and there had been no doubt about her response, any of her objections seeming to be in form only, and it had been fantastic.

It had been even better the next morning when they had been sober—if a little hung over—and she hadn’t told him off.

He hadn’t been annoyed with his mom then. He’d actually thought that she was pretty clever.

And then they’d come back to the office.  Iain hadn’t made any attempt to bother Emma when she first got back; she’d be swamped, and the last thing he wanted to demonstrate was that he couldn’t behave professionally; he knew how important that was to her.

When they did finally cross paths—and he would never admit out loud just how anxious he had been by then—she had not been alone, and since he had made no secret of the fact that she was using his cabin and he had driven her there and picked her up, he couldn’t act like an idiot, overjoyed to see her again.

But he had been counting on the fact that they would get together afterwards. No matter how busy she was, she had to eat; that was the excuse he had used in the past, and he had thought that this time he wouldn’t have to pretend that it wasn’t a date.

But she had been cool and just shy of frosty in a way that told him that he was in serious trouble. He’d tried so hard for this, and now she wouldn’t even talk to him. Not only did he not get what he wanted, he’d totally screwed up their working relationship too.

This was why Iain was annoyed with his mother. She had acted like it was worth so many risks, and look at what had happened. Iain had screwed up his life completely.

Of course, his mom had also said that sex ruined many a good relationship, so it was possible that he should have paid a little more attention to some of her advice that wasn’t an excuse to have sex.

What was that saying about making your bed and having to lie in it?

Iain sighed.  Yeah, his mom had favoured that one, too.


Emma had her holiday in Away from It All.


5 Responses to “Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained by phoenix.writing”

  1. juleshg September 20, 2010 at 8:06 pm #

    You have some great lines in here. I think that “it was possible that he should have paid a little more attention to some of her advice that wasn’t an excuse to have sex” is my favorite. I am curious to see how Emma is feeling now that she is back at work.

    • phoenix.writing September 26, 2010 at 4:39 pm #

      LOL Thank you. I can’t seem to leave Iain and Emma alone, so you shall indeed see more of them. 🙂

  2. ingridfnl September 26, 2010 at 8:18 pm #

    I love it! (Also that Iain’s mother ended up playing a role in both of your stories. 🙂

  3. phoenix.writing October 3, 2010 at 3:06 pm #

    Thanks. Iain’s mother has turned out to be a bit of a schemer; in the nicest possible way, of course. 😉


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