adam: prompt for august 30 – september 5

30 Aug

Welcome back!

After our brief summer hiatus we’re back to let our imaginations run wild.

This time, we are really going to build a community of fictional characters. Forget six degrees of separation, this time we’re creating our own individual worlds of characters.

This week’s character will kick start the process:

Name: Adam

Age: 32

Profession: accountant

Passionate about: his hair

Pet peeve: the barking dog next door who is owned by Emma

Because we’ll be creating our own worlds for the stories that follow, place may or may not play a greater role in developing these characters. So while writing think about location: is this a big town or small? Does Adam live in an apartment, house or condominium? Does he have a long commute or can he walk to work?

These types of factors can change the way characters interact and have shaped the character’s choices to this point.

Submit your story by September 5th and I’ll publish them all at 9pm, CET.

I can’t wait to read what you’ve come up with! (Feel free to join us!)


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