summer holidays!

28 Jun

We, at the character project, are going on vacation until September 6th.

But beware, you will have to write all about “My Summer Vacation” when we’re back! 😉

Over the summer, if you so choose,  I have a few assignments for you:

  1. Think of some good prompts!
  2. Gather ideas, watch people and find characters you’d really like to write about. If you take a great picture of a fabulous character, sent it my way, and we’ll use it as a prompt.
  3. A final prompt, because I couldn’t let you off the hook that easily:  one seasonal prompt for next week…
    Who: Liam
    What: prodigy
    When: Prom night
  4. If you’d like the project to take a different form let me know! I’m completely open. For example, we could really look at different aspects of a specific character (what does he/she do when hungry, angry, happy, relieved, irritated. who is that one character’s cast of characters: mother, father, sister, uncle, love interest, boss, etc…)

Let me know what you think! And in the meantime, write about Liam and brush up your enthusiasm. I know you have it.


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