taken aback by ingridfnl

27 Jun

**Continued from “A Spring in Her Step“.

Paul was taken aback by the girl who opened Margaret’s door.

It wasn’t just because she was beautiful, it was because… she was so very familiar.

“Hi,” he said, “Is Margaret home?” Paul was still thinking that it felt weird to be called dear by a girl who was clearly younger than he was.

“Is Margaret home?” she asked, laughing. “Um. I think, Margaret is on holiday. I think she’s away.”

“You think she’s on holiday? And you are?” he asked more aggressively than he meant to. Paul didn’t want to scare her, but this felt… odd. Why would this girl be here not knowing where Margaret was? “Are you related?”

“She’s my … aunt,” the girl said, drawing out each word. “She… is not here. She is away. I don’t know how long.”

“Is she OK?” he asked, concerned.

“She is!” the girl said with strange enthusiasm. “She’s fantastic.” She paused a minute, and smoothed her skirt, and then said, “She’s on holiday.”

“Oh!” Paul replied. “That’s great. We had talked about it and I encouraged her…”

“Italy,” the girl blurted, nodding. “She told me about you. Italy. That’s where she is. Do you want some pie?” she asked, touching his arm.

“Yes,” Paul replied. “I think I will… What was your name?”

“Maggie,” she replied, “My name, is Maggie.”

2 Responses to “taken aback by ingridfnl”

  1. juleshg June 29, 2010 at 2:31 pm #

    I am so happy for Margaret but very curious about what she is going to do now that she has Paul in her apartment.


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