obélisque, page 424 by jmforceton

20 May

Note from Ingrid: Always a delight, jmforceton has graced us with a bonus piece this week! Enjoy! (And writers, please know that I’m thrilled if you are inspired. 🙂 Please do feel free to add bonus pieces any time.)
The last page of Alfred Jameson’s novel ‘Obélisque’

Published in December of 2003

Obélisque Page 424

World famous, author, smuggler, bank robber, kidnaper, murderer, and bon vivant, Jacques Marat, is flying down Rue Royale in his Aston Martin DB7 approaching the Place de la Concorde. He feels an impact to the back of his seat as his rear window explodes, shattered by a high velocity armor-piecing bullet fired by a police sharpshooter on the roof of the Madeleine; glass shards cut his neck and fly into the windshield, accumulating on the dashboard. Two police cars enter from opposite side streets just behind him as he swerves to avoid a single police car straddling half of the street in front of him. His plan is to get through the Place and crash his car on the Champs Elysée, then escape on foot in the confusion. Suddenly, no barking, he thinks for an instant, remembers his pet poodle Andre in the backseat; as he enters the Place, another police car attempts to ram him and he swerves again, this time against the one-way traffic now in front of the Hotel Crillon going the wrong way. Immediately he sees the low-slung spaceship-like Peugeot directly in his path as the Aston Martin is launched over the top of the Peugeot, flips twice and crashes into the base of the Obélisque.

In the loaned Peugeot 4002 concept car, a tired Mary Mayville, thinking about dinner plans for the children, is crossing the Pont de la Concorde over the Seine coming into the Place from the Left Bank, where they have been shooting a television commercial for Peugeot in St. Germain des Pres district most of the day. Everyone is stopping to look at the futuristic, yet retro automobile, waving, pointing, cameras being brought to bear every time she slowed. Ahead, suddenly, sirens and horns, brake lights appear on every car as a Renault police car skids to a stop in traffic and officers jump out; an Aston Martin travelling incredibly fast avoids the police car and turns directly into Mary’s car tearing the roof of the car off, glass shards flying, and grazing Mary’s head with the spinning left front tire. Dozens of people are screaming, many running, some towards her car, some away. The first man to get to her car screams, “My God, she’s dead, she’s dead.”

There is chaos: more horns, from every direction more arriving sirens, screams, crying, cameras, more police cars. As five or six injured pedestrians are screaming in pain near the Obélisque, and next to Mary’s car, people moan and scream from inside another car with its roof destroyed, a man crawls out from under the Aston, and pulling a scarf around his neck, walks slowly into the gathering crowd, stands with everyone watching as police arrive to push the crowd back, then head down, appearing to be crying, casually walks across the street, and into the Gardens.

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