week 19 & 20: looking ahead, looking back

12 May

For this week (19) and next week (20), I would like for us to craft something. A single scenario written first from the perspective a character at two different points in time.

Brian: he has three brothers and two sisters.

Week 19: Teenager

Character: At the age of 19, Brian is going away from home for the first time for a prolonged period. He has all kinds of expectations of what this will mean for him. What leads up to his departure?

Week 20: 40 year-old

Brian is now looking back at the period in their life when they first left home. He’s telling someone about it.

Week 21: What really happened?

As we know, hindsight is not always 20-20. Sometimes it paints things rosier than they were, sometimes worse. I’m interested in the distortions.

Submit stories about Brian:

  • May 16: looking forward
  • May 23: looking back
  • May 30: in the moment

As always, I can’t wait to see what you write. 🙂

(If you would prefer to develop a previously written character, please feel free to do so.)

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