mary mayville; nobody made me who i am by jmforceton

21 Mar

Mary Mayville; Nobody Made Me Who I Am

“I’d like to dispel a few myths about death. The first being that it is not the end. Not that I am any great expert. I’ve only been dead a week. Let me explain it to you. The story begins now.”

“He says he is nobody, and again he is not. He is sometimes concerned that nobody cares. I think, not, why?”

“He is certain that nobody killed me. Not knowing? Not caring? I think, of course not, why? No, I know, he killed me. Was it necessary? Was it sufficient? Is nobody sorry? Would he do it again? Would he do it the same way? Would he have someone else do it? Is having 6 children a crime? That was not, and never my idea in the first place.”

“I keep asking him these questions, but still I’m dead. He keeps telling me, ‘You are dead. It is the end’. Again, I think why, not?”

     “It’s true. I saw the gentleman do some things nobody should have done, but many other things disturbed me. I tried to stop him many times. Sometimes I did. Sometimes I did, not. Sometimes, I don’t think he really knew who I was. There were times when nobody loved me, and, other times, he would let me do things, nobody really would like to have done. I played so many parts, whatever the script demanded. I was an actor, yet nobody knew who I truly was. No matter what the part, nobody knew when it was an act not created for me”

“The best fiends I had watched him do it. My children, my family, my friends, nobody has given them a second thought. Nobody knows they will always exist.”

“I think he did it so that people would remember nobody. It was always about him.”

Regardless, let me get back to my last story, my original statement here, although I know deep in my heart that nobody really cares.”

“I know some who have been dead over 3300 years.”

“Take pharaoh Ramesses II, his story is on the Obélisque here 50 feet from where, not, nobody, yes Alfred, arranged my death in ‘04 on page 424.”

“With certainty his story is on the twin Obélisque in Luxor, Egypt, known as Thebes in his day.”

“And on the cousin Obélisque in London, and the one in Central Park in New York City.”

“So here is my final thought. Hopefully you care. Nobody can be so cold.”
“What is death anyway? What is myth? Not, what is, the end, indeed? Such negativity, and, triply so, the story must go on.”

“Nobody thinks. You think. Therefore I am. That’s all I have to say. I hope it’s clear. And one last thing, I am just a part of nobody, and now a part of you.”

(The answer to the riddle to be posted here on Monday, if it’s not already known to everyone.)

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2 Responses to “mary mayville; nobody made me who i am by jmforceton”

  1. jmforceton March 22, 2010 at 12:52 pm #

    The prompt for me was a triple negative, in a way, a double entendre plus, more paradox than oxymoron, so I made this a triple play on Alfred’s name.

    The prompt, and Ulysses in the Odyssey, triggered this silly piece. Ulyssess, captured by the Cyclops, told the Cyclops his name was “No man”. He burned the Cyclops eye to escape; the Cyclops screamed “No man” has done this. Cyclops’ friends said, “if no man has done this, then it must have been the Gods,” and they would not help him.

    Think Abbot and Costello, “Who’s on first?”
    “He says he is nobody, and again he is not”
    “Alfred says he is Alfred, and again he is Alfred”
    Wherever you see “Nobody” or “Not”, replace it with, Alfred.

  2. jadamthwaite March 22, 2010 at 7:47 pm #

    I see! I have to say, I didn’t understand this at all when I read it yesterday. Now I know what you’re doing, I can see the clues. It’s quite illuminating to read it again!

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