week 11: the actress formerly known as marcia mayville

15 Mar

I really enjoyed last week’s stories and the beautiful development of relationships between characters.

This week’s prompt is compiled from a suggested opening line from richardsplanet and my own two cents. I also want to continue giving you the option to develop characters you have already written stories about. So, for this week:

Option 1:

Name: Marcia Mayville
Profession: Actress
Age: recently deceased.
Opening line: “I’d like to dispel a few myths about death. The first being that it is not the end. Not that I am any great expert. I’ve only been dead a week.”

Option 2:

You can revisit any past characters. You can visit the previous character prompts here.

You can submit a story until March 21st, 2010. I will publish all stories at 21:00 CET on that date and publish the character description for next week’s character on March 22nd.

For information about how to take part, refer to the About and Participate pages.

If you would like to add create a prompt for our talented group of authors, please contact me at character AT icecreamisnicecream DOT com.


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