week 8: sam

22 Feb

Wow. Can you believe we’ve made it to week 8? Incredible.

I am increasingly impressed with the stories. Thanks to all the authors contributing. I look forward to every Sunday, a bit breathless in anticipation and am rewarded so richly by your creativity.

This week’s prompt comes courtesy of the fabulous mpeonies:

Character name: Sam
Details: Mathematics professor, divorced, with an 8-year-old
daughter who despises math.

You can submit a story about Sam until February 28th, 2010. I will publish all Sam stories at 21:00 CET on that date and publish the character description for next week’s character on March 1st.

For information about how to take part, refer to the About and Participate pages.

If you would like to add create a prompt for our talented group of authors, please contact me at character AT icecreamisnicecream DOT com.

Have a wonderful week.


One Response to “week 8: sam”

  1. jmforceton February 26, 2010 at 1:30 am #

    Nearly finished with the first final draft. If iI can just make it long enough it may be OK.

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