lindsay by juleshg

19 Jan

“So anyway, Brittany was in the store today and said I was doing an amazing job. She says that if I keep doing so good they will give me a key to the whole store. I have only been there for, like, 2 months and some girls have been there for, like, a year and they don’t have a key yet. Isn’t that exciting?…”

Sarah took a deep breathe and concentrated on eating as Lindsay prattled on.  Finishing the last of her salad she thought of how quiet dinner had been before Lindsay moved in. Most often, she and her dad had watched the evening news as they ate. Tonight her dad had hit the mute button on the television so he and Sarah could listen to Lindsay tell them about her new job at a local boutique.

Six months ago Lindsay Lahann had come into their lives as her dad’s new housekeeper but now they were engaged to be married. With the wedding still weeks away Lindsay announced that she no longer wanted to clean houses and applied for a job at the mall. Sarah’s dad supported the decision saying he wanted Lindsay to be happy but Sarah knew the truth. He would be mortified to imagine his new wife cleaning other people’s homes. The job at the mall was a good compromise. The store where Lindsay worked was frequented mostly by teenaged girls so the chances were low that she would encounter any of his friends or – even worst — their wives.

“So, today we were working like crazy to get ready for a big sale that starts tomorrow,” Lindsay continued. “Sarah you should come by and check it out. I can give you my new discount.”

Sarah nodded politely and brought her empty plate to the kitchen sink to rinse it off. Given the choice between a discount and introducing Lindsay to her friends, Sarah would gladly opt for the full ticket price.

Last week Lindsay came home wearing the same t-shirt Sarah had purchased only days before. When her dad noticed it Lindsay only laughed and said she and Sarah would have to co-ordinate their outfits in the mornings.

“Wouldn’t it be so embarrassing if we both, like, wore the same thing one day?” Lindsay laughed. Sarah imagined the thirty-four year old, bleached blonde serving pre-teens at the local mall while wearing a mini-skirt and manga t-shirt that showed her belly and laughed to herself. Clearly Lindsay had a very different definition of what was embarrassing.


6 Responses to “lindsay by juleshg”

  1. ingridfnl January 19, 2010 at 9:50 pm #

    I can completely hear Lindsay. I’ve met girls like her. . . and often wondered if they were superficial because of upbringing or culture. I feel unbelievably sad for your main character. How will she cope with her new step mother? Fun story 🙂

  2. phoenix.writing January 23, 2010 at 9:14 pm #

    It’s always my hope that anyone who’s like this in their teens grows out of it in their twenties, never mind their thirties, lol. Very evocative creation of Lindsay and Sarah’s cringing about it. It seems as though Lindsay’s heart is in the right place–potentially, at least–and I’m kind of hoping that it will work out all right for them all in the end (eternal optimist here, lol).

  3. juleshg January 24, 2010 at 1:36 am #

    From the moment I read the prompt I felt that Lindsay as somewhat vapid and had trouble getting a sense of anything more from her. The only way I could figure her out was to try and see her through someone else’s eyes.

    I think that Lindsay means well and is trying hard to fit into her new world. Is Sarah being a little bit too hard on her? Then again, can a 14-year-old really like someone who has just married to her father?

  4. jadamthwaite January 24, 2010 at 6:03 pm #

    I really like the reversal of teenager and adult in this (especially given that you can still feel the teenager in Sarah)… and I feel quite sorry for Lindsay as I watch her trying so hard. I had trouble finding Lindsay too… hence how I ended up with her actually being a man!


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